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Trendsetting technology meets top sports marketing

The next generation of greeny+ is here.  Meaningful products, sustainably produced and effectively marketed.

Welcome to the greeny+ Spitzensportler Holding GmbH

On the following pages, we introduce you to the greeny+ Spitzensportler Holding GmbH, we also present the current 2-phase greeny+ product world. Learn more about the new possibilities of 4D printing and the new innovative lease model of greeny+ printers. Take a look at the marketing strategies and our unique sponsors and partners who are growing with us. Here you can also find out why top-class sport is so close to our hearts and why our sporty sales concept in particular has brought such success. This is also based on our unique cooperation with the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation and Deutsche Sporthilfe. Two partnerships with the potential for unique sports marketing and access to thousands of great athletes around the world.

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“Together with the Laureus Good for Sport Foundation, the Deutsche Sporthilfe and many top athletes, we want to promote top-class sport and use it as a valuable multiplier for our meaningful products.”
Tom Maus – Managing Director of greeny+ Spitzensportler Holding GmbH
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Sources used:

  • University of Vienna press release: “From the street to the plate: lettuce absorbs toxic additives from tire abrasion” (January 4, 2023)
  • ACS Publications, Study: “Uptake, Metabolism, and Accumulation of Tire Wear Particle-Derived Compounds in Lettuce” (December 28, 2022).
  • | Sophie Bierent | 07.01.2023
Lab study shows lettuce absorbs toxic chemicals from tire wear

If you eat salad, you are doing something good for yourself and your health. Most people assume that this is the case, and in principle it is. But lettuce leaves may well contain harmful chemicals that have been dissolved by tire abrasion. This is according to a study recently published by researchers at the Center for Microbiology and Environmental Systems Science at the University of Vienna. A release on the study said tire wear blows into the environment with the wind and is washed by rain into rivers and sewage. In total, one kilogram of tire wear is produced per year and per inhabitant. This is formed by the friction of the rubber of the car tires on the road. “If these chemicals are released in the root zone of edible plants, they can be a health concern for consumers* – assuming the chemicals are taken up by the plants,” says Thilo Hofmann, head of the research group. The research team was able to prove this in its study.

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In the tell-all book “Die große Sauerei. How the agricultural lobby and food industry lie to us and cheat us”, actor and environmentalist Hannes Jaenicke exposes the most brazen industry and advertising lies and explains what consumers should know about animal products in order to make the right choice before buying.

Ralf Caspary in conversation with actor and book author Hannes Jaenicke

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„Die große Sauerei!“

The power duo: greenyGARDEN MASTER & greenyWATER

Special price for a greenySTART2023: greenyGARDENMASTER incl. greenyWATER

For the launch of the new greenyGARDEN MASTER 2, we offer you a cool savings pack to get you started in the world of greeny+. With the greenyGARDEN MASTER 2 and the greenyWATER, you have everything you need to provide yourself and your family with healthy food and drinking water. The regular price for both greeny+ products is Euro 3265.

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greeny+ top sport marketing

Take a look at the top sports marketing strategy of greeny+.
Top Athletes Holding Ltd. Short and clear. Download the PDF to your PC.

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Drinking water: Is tap water safe in Germany? | WDR/Quarks

Is the tap water in German households completely safe? Quarks investigates how our drinking water is treated and which tests it is subject to.

Author: WDR / Quarks – Corinna Sachs

Our answer is the greenyWATER, which, in addition to a revolutionary filtration system that ensures healthy purity, converts water molecules into hexagonal building blocks through the use of a Tesla coil and bio-photons. These hexagonal water molecules, are the most primitive form that exists and is considered the building block of life.