The team behind the idea

Visionaries, functionaries, creatives and athletes – that’ s how strong our team is.

Tom mouse

Managing majority shareholder of greeny+ Spitzensportler Holding GmbH and member of the OBI founding family.

Bankkaufmann / Dipl.-Kommunikationswirt UdK Berlin / Wirtschaftsmediator (IHK) – Incubator in der Schweiz / Vorstand Wintersport- verein Isny e. V. / Wettkampfbeauftragter Deutscher Skiverband / Wettkampfbeauftragter Allgäuer Skiverband.

As an entrepreneur, I have been involved with many startups and projects, read about hundreds of new “early stage” ideas, and it has always been about advancing innovations and helping them achieve a relevant position in the market. The content should make people’s lives better and move the world forward a little bit. Every idea has to be so good that it is fun and makes sense to get excited about it every day. From the first second, it was clear that the “greeny+ Technology” project would be the most relevant, unique and meaningful project I have ever been involved in due to my family background and enthusiasm for sports. That’s why I ultimately decided to finance greeny+ Spitzensportler Holding GmbH.

Image: Tom Maus

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Rolf Landgraf

RA Rolf C. Landgraf – managing partner of greeny+ Spitzensportler Holding GmbH.

I have been working as a corporate lawyer for over 20 years. As an in-house lawyer at a Frankfurt securities trading bank, I took over the legal and fundamental issues department in the early 2000s and was responsible for the areas of shareholdings, money laundering, compliance and internal auditing before deciding to go freelance in 2003.

Since 2021, I have been the managing partner of greeny+ Spitzensportler Holding GmbH. In view of dwindling resources, it is important to use drinking water and energy responsibly. Aeroponics also enables the production of regional and healthy food. The greeny+ approach goes beyond this in that the products – first and foremost the greenyGARDEN MASTER – are manufactured regionally and in an environmentally friendly manner. The linking of local value chains with the existing network from the field of top-class sports was the idea behind the founding of greeny+ Spitzensportler Holding GmbH. We want to promote this approach with our company and take it out into the world.

Image: Rolf Landgraf

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Alexander Wurdack

Dr. Alexander Wurdack – ex. COO and Managing Director of ManpowerGroup Germany.

The site-related development of production facilities as well as the organization of operations and the optimization of processes in the areas of production and human resources (HR) are at the center of my responsibilities at greeny+. But it is also the enthusiasm of the people – employees as well as customers – for a special and extraordinary product, combined with a great vision in the top athlete holding, that fascinated me from the first minute. The next steps of development on the European markets are not only a fantastic task, but also mean joy in a special cooperation with the constantly growing community of customers as well as employees. I am excited to bring all my experience, network and ideas to the table and work with a great team to bring the ideas around greeny+ to life.

Image: Alexander Wurdack

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Siro Barino

Siro Barino – Global Head of Corporate Communications.

In addition to IPOs, Finance Communication, Investor Relations, Change Situations and the consulting of exposed personalities and companies in challenging situations, after another 15 years my desire to work “mission- driven”, i.e. to support companies with a purpose, a mission, which wanted to be successful in the sense of humanity and in harmony with the planet, became more and more important.

Image: Siro Barino

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Paul Schif

Paul Schif – Managing Director Laureus Sport for Good Foundation Germany & Austria, shareholder and strategy consultant of greeny+ Spitzensportler Holding GmbH.

“With its philosophy and innovative products, greeny+ is a role model in the business world because the company combines social and ecological responsibility with a scalable and promising business model. greeny+ addresses the greatest social challenges of our time: Food scarcity and conservation of natural resources. I am very pleased about the partnership between greeny+ and the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation Germany & Austria. Together with top athletes, we support disadvantaged children through the promotion of sports social programs to develop a perspective for their lives and their environment. Our children are our future!” – Paul Schif

Good to know:
1% of the sales of greeny+ Spitzensportler Holding GmbH will be donated in favor of the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation!

Image: Paul Schif

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Prof. Manfred Maus

Entrepreneur legend, founder of the DIY chain OBI and promoter of the greeny+ top athletes holding.

If you really want to change something with an idea, you have to be convinced, courageous and have staying power. Many values from the world of sports are transferable to business. Therefore, it is very helpful to create a platform through cooperation with athletes, clubs, associations and the German Sports Aid Foundation to make the greeny+ idea known. It has always been a matter of concern to me to make the essential values of sport also important core values of our company. This was an essential step on the road to success for OBI.

Image: Prof. Manfred Maus

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Dr. Esther Filgut

Investment attorney, investor, strategic advisor.

Because healthy nutrition and a sustainable lifestyle have long been close to my heart, I was enthusiastic about the greeny+ products from the very beginning. When I understood in a personal exchange with Uli Schwartau and his brilliant team what a huge vision, great potential and brilliant marketing with the greeny+ top athlete holding is in greeny, it was clear that I want to invest myself and support greeny+ with my professional experience as investment lawyer and investor and with my network. I am very happy to be part of the team and every day I am fascinated anew by the innovative products, the professionalism, competence and passion with which each individual in the team brings the vision of greeny+ to the road at a rapid pace.

Image: Dr. Esther Filgut

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Alexander Leipold

Winner of the Olympic Games & sports legend in wrestling and strategic advisor to greeny+ Top Athletes Holding.

greeny+ Spitzensportler Holding GmbH has founded the first greeny+ Manufaktur Aschaffenburg UG with wrestling legend Alexander Leipold. Alexander Leipold is now acquiring a total of 12 top sports promotion clubs, which will then also be equipped with a manufactory with 27 3D printers. With this manufacture, a top sports promotion association earns money from the production of the greeny+ products via a guarantee purchase, and when the greeny+ products are brokered to the promotion association members, additional income is generated.

Image: Alexander Leipold

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Christoph Klumpp

Former head national coach junior ski jumping & Nordic combined in the German Ski Association.

When I first heard about the vision of greeny+ Top Athletes Holding, I was particularly impressed. In the future, a way will be created to specifically counteract this trend away from traditional sports sponsorship and media forces. I am now pleased to be able to contribute my network, energy and passion, which I have built up over many years, to this new project. Together with top athletes, I will use this unique opportunity to support the grassroots of the sport.

Image: Christoph Klumpp

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