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Prof. Manfred Maus about greeny+ and the greeny+ top athletes Holding

When I first heard about Uli Schwartau’s greeny+ vision of 3D printing products for healthy living and daily self-sufficiency in local neighborhood manufactories, I immediately remembered the years when OBI was founded. As co-founder of the DIY chain OBI, I am delighted to be able to mentor greeny+ in the field of top-class sports as well. In 1970, I too was fascinated by the implementation of an idea that was to turn the existing world upside down. Then, as now, people respond to global change and transformation with skepticism and an explanation of why change won’t work. I’ve learned to ask what we need to do to make change work, and I’m excited to bring that life experience to the table.

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Prof. Manfred Maus

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“If you really want to make a difference with an idea, you have to be convinced, courageous and have staying power.”

Many values from the world of sports are transferable to business. Therefore, it is very helpful to create a platform to make the greeny+ idea known through cooperations with athletes, clubs, associations and the German Sports Aid Foundation. It has always been a matter of concern to me to make the essential values of sport also important core values of our company. This was an essential step on the road to success for OBI.

As many aspects of the greeny+ concept create new meaning for people, they will take the opportunity to create change in their own lives through the products and their contemporary production. Through the Top Athletes Holding, the successful athletes as ambassadors and manufactory operators can not only exemplify the values learned in training and competition.

Prof. Manfred Maus in interview

Prof. Manfred Maus and Franz Beckenbauer | Source: Alamy Stock

“Moreover, through their work and support of the greeny+ vision, they also give back to the sport they love and the network they’ve built over the years, to which they owe so much.”

I would like to thank greeny+ and Spitzensportler Holding GmbH for the courage and initiative to implement such an innovative and forward-looking concept not only with the aim of building an international brand and a successful company, but also to establish as a key objective the long-term promotion and financing of the club system and of junior and competitive sports. With its values, sport connects our society and people worldwide. That is why it is important, especially in today’s world, to assume social responsibility through entrepreneurial action! Good luck!

Spotify Interview with Prof. Manfred Maus

In the last episode of 2022, it is my very special pleasure to welcome a true entrepreneurial legend and a pioneer of the German franchise scene as a Franchisejausen guest. Prof. Manfred Maus passionately describes his OBI founding story, how the name OBI came about, what values count for him, what innovations he believes in and how leadership is lived. Numerous anecdotes provide insight into how he turned OBI into the world’s fourth-largest DIY group. Even at the age of 88, Prof. Manfred Maus is busy, active and advises various companies. Here he tells us some experiences from his long entrepreneurial history, simply legendary, I think. A conversation about values, character, role model, women and customer satisfaction