The greeny+ 4D Future Printer

3D is now becoming 4D. As if the future were already here.

Minimal effort. Maximum lease income. It’s that simple!
After the overwhelming success of the first neighborhood manufactories, now comes the second round of the ingenious idea, in which even people with small wallets can participate. Simple, groundbreaking, future-proof! Join the great greeny+ success story and become the owner of one of the first greeny+ 4D Future Printers. Operate your printer(s) yourself or earn €100* rent by leasing your printer to professionals who use it to produce sustainable products that are desperately needed around the world. The heartbeat of a new world!
With the new, globally unique greeny+ 4D Future Printer, Grupp-Technology GmbH has succeeded in making 3D printing economically viable for mass production and thus in responding flexibly and locally to changes in the market. Today, the global challenges of the future require companies that react quickly and specifically to requests from the market, without the years of development time that used to be necessary to operate mass-production-capable systems.

Image: Concept image greeny+ 4D Future Printer

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Recognize trends and use them!
Today, it is no longer the size of a company that matters, but how quickly it recognizes trends and implements them. It is already foreseeable that the 3D printer will become the next industrial revolution and will find its way into almost all manufacturing processes in the near future. No other system has the potential to flexibly replace complex manufacturing processes. The greeny+ 4D Future Printer goes one big step further and incorporates the dimensions of time and environment. All products manufactured with the revolutionary greeny+ 4D Future Printers have a life cycle. They are created from nature and become a part of it again, without burdening it when they are no longer needed. Recycling was yesterday, composting is the future.
In this way, it is possible to shape technological progress in harmony with nature and to conserve valuable resources. Your greeny+ 4D Future Printer can become a part of it.

Concept image: On-site consulting in one of our Mega Factories

Artificial and intelligent!
The diverse possibilities of 4D printing technology

The concept of 4D printing sounds like something out of a science fiction movie, where intelligent objects adapt to the environment and also become a part of it. 4D printers can create objects far beyond their print dimensions. The objects can breathe, expand, change and – when they come into contact with water or air – change their surface. The time factor can also be taken into account as a fourth dimension to give the printed product a beginning and an end.

The 4D technology is particularly suitable for large-scale projects and volume production, where it is necessary to respond quickly and cost-effectively to acceptance and changes in society. The greeny+ 4D Future Printers are the first printers in the world designed to work with organic and inorganic materials and to implement the elements of time, environmental impact and scalability (which extends far beyond the print area) to perfection.

The surface optimally prepared in the greeny+ 4D Future Printer can, for example, take into account photocatalytic processes, which then create a better indoor climate for the benefit of people.

Even salt water can be printed on the greeny+ 4D Future Printers and converted into another dimension for use as an electrolyte, e.g. for energy storage systems.

Concept image: On-site consulting in one of our Mega Factories

You are interested in the greeny+ 4D Future Printer?

You decide to buy a greeny+ 4D Future Printer. Now you have two choices. You can choose between running your own business or our profitable lease model. The lease model of greeny+ Spitzensportler Holding GmbH, offers you long-term lease income and the operation of your printers by professional and trained staff. Your printers will be installed in our modern Mega Factories and used for the production of the meaningful greeny+ products. The up to 15.5 years running lease income, guarantee you a long-term and secure income.

If you decide to have your greeny+ 4D Future Printer, professionally operated,

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