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greeny+ develops ecological products for crisis-proof and sustainable self-sufficiency.

Imagine being able to grow your own all-organic vegetables as well as herbs, salads or strawberries with little effort and as easy as pie. You don’t need a green thumb or in-depth knowledge of seasonal growing to do this. What you need is a greenyGARDEN MASTER. Each product is 3D printed in our greeny+ neighborhood manufactories.
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Crisis-proof self-sufficiency. The unique aeroponics tower


The greenyGARDEN MASTER is an aeroponic plant tower that makes it possible to grow vegetables, herbs, salads and selected fruits at home without having a garden. The cultivation, raising and harvesting are child’s play and without a “green thumb”, you will become a successful self-supporter.

The greenyGARDEN MASTER does most of the work and works independently to a large extent. Once it is loaded with seedlings from the “GROW drawer” and supplied with water, it works without much intervention. It provides your plants with light through the side-mounted “lightsabers” and keeps flies and bugs away with a steady stream of air. Nothing stands in the way of your vacation, the greenyGARDEN MASTER continues to work in the meantime. You can use it both indoor and outdoor.

Euro 2270,-

incl. 19% VAT | plus Shipping

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Euro 995,-

incl. 19% VAT | plus Shipping

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More than just a water filter

The greenyWATER

A large part of our life consists of water. It is the essence of life and one of our most precious raw materials. This makes it all the more important to supply our bodies with healthy water. The greenyWATER is a revolution in modern water filtration. The first water filter that not only chemically purifies the water, but also erases the stored information, makes the water hexagonal, and then enriches it with biophotons. This newly discovered water condition is also called EZ water. Here, EZ stands for “Exclusion Zone”.

The modern alternative to agriculture


In the search for ecological and high-yield ways to optimize the cultivation of vegetables, lettuce and herbs and to put sustainability in the foreground, aeroponic systems offer a relevant alternative. The greenyGARDEN FARM is a compound system that shines with its high and high-yield performance. The modern farm, which is always delivered and sold in sets of four, can be expanded effortlessly. This only increases the crop yield and not the burden on the environment.

Euro 595,- per device

Sale only in group of 4 | incl. 19% VAT | plus Shipping

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Euro 840,-

incl. 19% VAT | plus Shipping

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A real greeny+ made for any room


Whether at home or in the office – with the greenyGARDEN TABLE you feel comfortable all around. Grow your own vegetables and herbs in your kitchen or create an ornamental plant jungle in your living room! At the same time, the modern and timeless design not only looks good in any room, but also noticeably increases your well-being. The greenyGARDEN TABLE provides fresh and healthy air, healthy food and significantly reduces the noise level (e.g. in open-plan offices).

Your own green emergency generator

The greenyENERGY

This emergency battery, specially designed for the greenyGARDENMASTER 2, is based on a technology that has been tested and proven over many years. It supplies your greenyGARDENMASTER 2 and your greenyGARDENTABLE with the necessary energy to bridge power outages.

The rugged, replaceable and maintenance-free battery also features a USB 3 port for external device charging.

Delivery time: Available from 15.03.2023

Euro 549,-

incl. 19% VAT | plus Shipping