Innovative top sports marketing

Top athletes as influencers and Olympic champions as brand ambassadors

National and international top-class sports offer an enormously high-turnover and performance-oriented platform for the distribution and placement of our greeny+ product world.

Our top-class sports marketing is based on the enormous, positive influence of sports on the public and the meaningful orientation of our products. Every greeny+ product helps you to improve or optimize your life, well-being and performance. This premise is an optimal introduction to the world of competitive sports.

Every top athlete has a large fan community and numerous contacts in the world of sports. Networking via social media channels is an advantage in this regard, enabling fast and uncomplicated, target group-oriented campaigns to be launched. Through our cooperation with the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation, represented here by the Managing Director for Germany and Switzerland, Paul Schif, and our partnership with Deutsche Sporthilfe, all relevant access points to the world of top-class sport are open to us.

The reinforcement of our sportive competence is already in the hands of our majority managing director Tom Maus, who as a member of the OBI founding family and active sports official, is very familiar with the world of sports marketing. Christoph Klumpp and Alexander Leipold round off the sporty quartet. This is where a high level of sporting expertise meets high-performing experts in terms of public relations.

However, our aim is not just to use top-level sport as a sales platform. We would like to make it possible for all athletes to expand their financial independence by operating their own 3D printers in neighborhood manufactories. Here the possibility arises to strengthen the financial background in the short term and to have more free space for own decisions and above all for the sport by the use of fewer working hours per week and the use of the own contacts.

Our goal of redefining sports sponsorship is thus another important pillar of our sports marketing concept.

Sales multiply, due to the immense impact and attraction of the sport. We have great multipliers that make our concept unique. We score …
by Paul Schif, Laureus Good for Sports Foundation,
and Thomas Maus, member of the OBI founding family and
Managing director of greeny+ top athletes holding.
by Christoph Klumpp, former head of federal
trainer trainees for ski jumping & Nordic combined
nation in the German Ski Association.

… through the cooperation with the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation (D/CH)

… through direct contacts with top athletes

… through the active partnership with Deutsche Sporthilfe.

… by media-relevant top athletes with min. 1 million community contacts.

… through top-class recommendation marketing. Strong sales arguments through idol function and fan service and thanks to personalized marketing measures for the target group.
through innovative and strategic marketing actions, within the relevant target groups. The focus is not on pure sales measures, but on education and information in the context of a sporting environment . Here, the athletes act as role models and motivators.
… by promoting awareness of the importance and significance of healthy eating and the possibility of determining and controlling it oneself. Especially in competitive sports, a constant and sustainable diet is the basis for success.
… through realistic goal estimation. For many of the top athletes, the community is so strong that even a few leads are enough to reach the goals. (See example Thomas Müller)
Our team in focus! Take a look at the profiles of our team members in the top sports section. Download the PDF to your computer.

Profile Tom Maus – PDF Download

Profile Paul Schif – PDF Download

Profile Christoph Klumpp – PDF Download

Profile Alexander Leipold – PDF Download

Data that convinces. If you take a look at these figures, you quickly realize the enormous potential of top-level sport.

In the DACH region alone, top-level sport offers enormous sales potential. Thanks to our exclusive partnerships with the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation and Deutsche Sporthilfe, there are enormous opportunities for distribution. These figures speak for themselves and only begin to illustrate the enormous potential in top-level sport. Our partnerships with the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation enable us to use top athletes relevant to the media as direct multipliers.

* German Olympic Sports Confederation

The path to financial independence with the greeny+ neighborhood manufactory

Many athletes depend on the financial support of sponsors, patrons or institutions such as the German Armed Forces (Sport-Soldier) to finance their lives and their sport. But these financial sources are often not enough and other sources of income have to be found, which either take a lot of time or do not fit into the life of a top athlete.

The sports that are not so relevant to the media often suffer from a lack of media presence, so that no generous sponsorship contracts cover maintenance and equipment.

But even here you can find people who live for sports day after day, participate in championships of all kinds and go to the Olympic Games. They are also athletes who need to be supported and whose situation we know and follow closely.

To these athletes we offer our unique greeny+ entrepreneur society program to open new perspectives and to be able to live the sport.

The example of Alexander Leipold

Alexander Leipold becomes operator of his own greeny+ manufactory and holds a 30%* stake in the entrepreneurial company (UG). It builds this up in two phases. In phase 1, twelve existing top sports sponsoring clubs from the Olympic sport of wrestling with thousands of club members will be acquired. Further, he is building a wrestling downline for the UG with up to 780 athletes (see below).

* 70 % of the shares are held by greeny+ Spitzensportler Holding GmbH.

Based on these figures, it quickly becomes clear how much capacity a sports great like Alexander Leipold has at his disposal. About 780 contacts in the world of sports are generated from his corporate company alone. Our goal is to bring hundreds of top athletes into such a structure.

One of the goals of greeny+ Spitzensportler Holding has always been to provide athletes with an opportunity to expand their financial independence. We have succeeded in doing this in the form of our sports sponsorship concept. By operating their own UGs, athletes are able to gain financial freedom with little effort. Because athletes often lack precisely this free space. Many rely on support from the armed forces and support associations. They have to put in a lot of effort for sponsorships and often do not have the opportunity to choose their own sponsors.

Alexander Leipold – wrestling legend and Olympic champion